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Coming to Switzerland 14 years ago from my home country Malaysia, I would never have imagined that I would own my online plant shop one day. Starting my professional career as a ballet dancer, I have learned to follow my heart and do what I feel most passionate about. This has lead me to the fascination (some people would call it obsession) of plants. It all started some years back with my first plant which I learnt how to nurture and care for. To see it grow every day by taking care of this living thing filled my heart with pride and so much joy that even today my heart still skips a beat every time I see a new leaf growing.



This joy of growing propelled my love for it and the result of it is my ever growing collection. I educated myself through countless hours of online tutorials, social media, plant community on how to create the best possible environment for my planties. There is a story behind every single plant that I own, coming from near and far, which sometimes reminds me of my home country and that's I want to share with you. This website is not about just selling plants. There is so much more to it: I want to share my knowledge that I have gained with you. This means that even when a plant leaves my place, I want it to continue growing and to warm your hearts like they do with mine.



As we have noticed, the pandemic has totally changed how we approach life and perhaps even our expectations of it. It often throws us curve balls and we have to learn to deal with it on our own terms. My plants have definitely help me find my inner peace during these times and my greatest wish is for you to experience the same.


Feel free to ask questions via the contact form and I am happy to assist you in the best possible way. For more information, please also check out my blog in which I will try to regularly update some features about me and my beloved plants and how to take care of them. Till then, Happy planting. 



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